Relationship and Womens' Empowerment Coach 


We all deserve connection in the form of healthy and respectful relationships.


Building a healthy and respectful relationship is something that we must learn, this learning starts in childhood and is developed through our experiences with our early care givers, the people we come into contact with, our friendships and romantic relationships. 

Healthy relationships take work, communication, understanding, respect and compromise. 

If you are in an unhealthy relationship with someone who does not respect or support you and are considering leaving or have recently ended a relationship and are transitioning through separation. I can support you.


Perhaps you wish to have a better relationship with yourself after separation or develop a more connected relationship with your children. I can work with you to achieve your goals.

Acknowledging you are in an unhealthy relationship or making the decision to separate is painful and confusing, fluctuating feelings of fear, relief, shame, uncertainty are normal and the path ahead is uncertain. Suddenly everything you thought was true is called into question and navigating the emotional turbulence is exhausting.  

  • Do I deserve more than this relationship is giving me? 

  • What will the impact of separating have on me, my children and family?

  • How do I find my purpose and will I ever be happy again?


You feel stuck and want to move forward but you can't see how.  As an accredited Counsellor & Coach, I can guide you through the darkness of uncertainty and into the light. 

This is just the beginning.

Free Separation Guide - to help you navigate the practical elements of your separation 

Transform your relationship with money

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About me 

I am Kelly, and I am a Womens’ Relationship and Empowerment Coach. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls aged 5 & 3, I am a feminist, a champion of women, a survivor of several unhealthy and emotionally abusive relationships and a passionate advocate for Women, Womens’ Rights, Female Empowerment and Growth. I am a budding Astrologer and I love music and adventure. I am a qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience working in Mental Health & Domestic Violence. 

Working with women is my passion, I have been inspired by the women I am fortunate to know in my own life, the  women I have worked alongside in my career and the women I have supported on their healing journeys.


My mission is empowering women to recognise their worth and stand in their power, to release the the burden of societal constraints and expectations and to progress forward on a path to a new future. 


Work with me 



The decision to separate does not happen in a single moment. It is a culmination of a million moments, things said and unsaid, small hurts and bigger ‘f*ck yous’. It is not just the relationship with your partner to consider but the relationships between friends, family members and children all weighing heavily on your shoulders. 


There are expectations on you as a wife & mother. Expectations that have been placed on you by society, your partner, yourself... and which leave you drowning in guilt, shame and self doubt.


There are fears over the impact of separation on children and uncertainty over the balancing act of career versus caring responsibilities. 


The spiralling emotions, constant thinking and ever growing mental load is becoming overwhelming and you are reaching your limit. 


-You are questioning if you can really go it alone -how will I manage all the responsibility, the finances, parenting -what if I regret this?


-You are scared about the impact of your decisions on your children-will they be emotionally damaged, are they going to miss out, what about the stigma of being from a separated family?


-You are not sure who you are outside of your relationship - how do I know if what’s on the other side will be better?

The decisions and emotional ups and downs feel never ending. I’ve been where you are and experienced it all; The uncertainty. The guilt. The loneliness.

Coming to a decision to separate can be a lonely journey, and I want you to know I am here to walk alongside you. I have come out the other side and I want to support you to do the same.

Whichever stage of separation you’re at, you don’t have to do it alone. One of the things I found hardest was not having anyone I could turn to, no one who understood my experience and who could relate. 

I can’t promise you’ll sail through your separation, but having a guiding hand from someone that’s walked this road before (and doesn’t have an agenda) will absolutely make the journey more bearable.

vb; give (someome) the courage or
confidence to do something 


1:1 Coaching 

Providing you with guidance and support as you uncover whether your relationship is serving you in the way that you deserve. 


vb; to give power, to make stronger


1:1 Coaching 

The first few weeks and months after your separation can be a confusing time. There is a lot to do and emotions are running high; relief can turn to sadness... fast.


How do I make sense of all these emotions and still make decisions?

vb;  to take up especically readily or gladly 


1:1 coaching, Womens Circles/ Retreats 

The dust has settled for you since your separation, you have space to breath and time to find a new you


What next?


Who am I now?



Kelly has been an incredible support and inspiration following my separation.


I didn’t realise the many stages that I would need to navigate, from the rollercoaster of emotions to the practical steps of moving forward.


Kelly was patient and empathetic as I worked through many emotions of relief, fear, grief, anger and self-doubt. She gently coached me to understand those feelings and move through them. She helped me become aware of negative behaviours I learnt in my toxic relationship and methods to introduce new positive ones. In conflict situations, with my ex, she allowed me to vent my frustrations whilst also providing valuable steps to implement to either help a resolution or to protect myself.


I initially put the practical steps of legally separating and child custody in the too hard basket, as I was overwhelmed, intimidated and terrified of the cost. Thankfully, Kelly walked me through the steps and the options available. With her knowledge and guidance, I managed to legally and financially separate within three months. This really aided in my ability to feel empowered and claim back my independence.


Kelly’s positive encouragement has helped me understand who I am now and the future I want for myself and my children. I have been so fortunate to have Kelly’s guidance, empathy and knowledge through the entire process.




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