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Relationship Coaching/Counselling 

When you choose me as your Coach you also benefit from my more than 10 years working as a qualified Counsellor - this means that if something comes up for you that requires more in-depth exploration - we can go there!


The main difference between Coaching and Counselling is that through Coaching I act as your guide using gentle questioning and practical tools to support you towards achieving an identified goal, Counselling is a less defined and more organic process, where I make observations and offer reflections to help you develop a deeper knowing of yourself and the aspects your experience that are challenging you. 

"So whether setting goals is your jam or you are seeking to understand your relationship more deeply. I can help."


Perhaps you want to:

  • Develop strategies or skills to improve communication in your relationship

  • Spice up your sex life or explore something different

  • Schedule date nights, have more focused time together, embark on a new hobby or learn something new

or maybe:

  • You are noticing familiar patterns emerging in your relationship and you want to do things differently this time

  • You want to grow your understanding of how you show up in relationships prior to getting into a new one 

  • You want to understand toxic or unhealthy relationships and learn how to nurture a healthy and conscious relationship 

In our initial session together we will explore your needs and work collaboratively to decide on the best method forwards. 

If you want to learn more, book in for chat! I offer a free 15 minute initial consult so that you can discuss your needs and work out if I am the right fit. 

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