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Individual & Couples Counselling 

I am an integrative therapist and provide you with a tailor made service that best meets your needs. I take a holistic approach, looking at the whole person and paying attention to the social, economic, cultural, gendered and familial factors that make up an individual and influence their wellbeing. I am committed to non pathologisation and see difficult or challenging emotions as part of the human experience, something that we can come to understand, have compassion for and integrate rather than as something abnormal, that makes us problematic and requires eradicating.  

"My passion is in supporting people to meet and accept all the parts of themselves, to help guide you to a deep knowing and acceptance, to forge a new path forwards to the life you know you deserve"

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    Choosing to enter into counselling is choosing to put yourself first.


    I am here to support and celebrate you as you journey on your chosen path"


    The benefits of Counselling are that we can go at your pace and no topic is off limits. I draw on several therapeutic modalities to best meet you where you are at, there is no pre determined focus but rather together we will organically ​identify themes for exploration in order to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you. 

    My clients report experiencing challenges in relation to:​

    • Symptoms of low mood, depression or anxiety

    • Low Self Esteem/ Self Worth 

    • Trauma 

    • Relationship Challenges

    • Identity issues

    • Domestic Violence

    • Life events/transitions 

    • Spiritual connection

    I provide a safe container for your to explore and connect with your true self, I offer authenticity and will ensure you feel heard and supported to move forwards to your desired outcome.

    "We all deserve authentic connection with ourselves and others. If there is something that you want to work through. I can help."

    I support you to build your awareness to know yourself more fully. To recognise your worth, get clear on values, wants and needs, build confidence, develop assertiveness, establish boundaries and develop effective communication.

    Book in for your FREE 15 minute initial consult for you to share your current challenges and see whether I am a good fit. 

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