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Separation/Divorce Coaching 
Separation Coaching 

Whether you have made the choice to separate or your partner is at the wheel, it is a daunting process and it can be hard to know where to start

Do I need a Lawyer? Who gets the kids? Should I stay in the house? What are the implications if I leave? Can I financially support myself? What are my rights? How will we co-parent? Will I ever be happy again? How do I cope with all this change?

The questions and uncertainty are overwhelming. 

This is where I come in. I have worked with countless Women who have experienced just what you are experiencing. I am one of those Women too, having journied my own separation over 6 years ago. Through that experience, I learnt a whole lot about myself, developed rock solid boundaries and communication strategies that enable me to manage my emotions, stay emotionally safe and navigate co-parenting with my ex partner and have built a life I didn't beleive was possible. 

Other Divorce coaches can support you through the process but what many legal, financial and mediation specialists forget is that there are real people involved in a separation/divorce, with a complex history and complicated feelings. I understand the stakes.


This is a time where everyone has an opinion, where the pressure to make important and life changing decisions can leave you locked in indecision, where your emotions are so heightened that it can feel like you are clawing at the edges of rational thinking, not quite able to discerne your thoughts and values from those around you, where the things said to hurt, cause pain or influence decision making can feel like the truth obscuring you from accessing your truth, your power, your authenticity.

 This is where I come in.

Separation & Divorce often escalates quickly, and can cost up to $50,000 in legal fees, not to mention the emotional toll and time it takes from you.

This doesn't have to be  your story! 

I run a 12 week Separation Program for Women that will guarentee a different approach, gifting you freedom, empowerment & and a separation that works for YOU


12 Week Online Progam 

Women Only 

-Complimentary discovery call 

- 6 x LIVE modules delivered via Zoom  

- Direct access to me via messaging app for personalised Coaching 

- Resources, worksheets, strategies and practices to implement no matter what stage of the journey you at 

- Connection/Referral to other professionals and services that can support you in your Separation/Divorce journey 

- Safe and private group container 

I will support you to:

  • Understand the process of separation and know who to contact and when 

  • Uncover, Identify and dissolve your fears (Hint what you think is your fear probaby isnt!)

  • Learn how to identify and tune in to what you feel and express it in a healthy way

  • Recognise your triggers and uncover patterns that repeatedly play out in this relationship and other areas of your life

  • Develop and practice nervous system regulation strategies by connecting to your body through meditation & visualisation practices

  • Explore your shadows (parts that are in your subconscious) and see your projections so that you can be less reactive in emotive situations and integrate through compassion & acceptance

  • Learn effective communication strategies to support you to feel in control and speak with confidence on your needs

  • Stand in your power take control and experience the gifts and freedom that this transition can offer you

  • Save you THOUSANDS in legal fees and YEARS of emotional distress

I can teach you the skills to get to know yourself more deeply, respond NOT react as you navigate your separation, learn REAL strategies, tools and practices that you can use day to day  and cultivate the Separation/Divorce that works for you, causes you the least conflict, least cost and supports you to access FREEDOM on the otherside. 

BASIC & VIP Packages available

Next 12 week program begins on 16th May

Click below to jump on a call so that we can chat about your needs and whether this is the right fit for you 

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