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Super Sunday Serenity 

Breathwork & Icebath Experience 



Brighton Foreshore, 4017

-  2 Hour Event

- Connection

- Guided Breathwork

- Meditation

- Cold Water Immersion

Are you curious about breathwork & ice baths but haven't yet taken the plunge? (pun intended!)

Join us for this 2 hour Introductory event, and experience a gentle introduction to breathwork & cold water exposure. No prior experience necessary. 


We will guide you through a selection of simple and effective breathwork practices that will support you in your everyday functioning, improve your overall health & wellbeing and leave you feeling confident that you have tools available to you, to access whenever you might need it.

Cold Water Immersion

The benefits of cold water exposure are becoming more and more clear.  Regular Ice Baths can reduce inflammation present in the body, increase brown fat production which reduces as we age and support us to strengthen and adapt our Nervous System so that we might better adapt to everyday stressful environments.

After an Ice Bath you will feel invigorated, experience a natural high and increase presence giving you a clarity and purpose for the day ahead.

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